82-Year-Old Texas Man Creates Incredible Christmas Display


An 82-year-old is keeping the holiday spirit alive by turning his home into a true Christmas wonderland.

Collinsville, Texas resident Wayne McCorkle has been decorating his home for Christmas for over 20 years. This is more than just a few strands of lights – McCorkle begins decorating his yard in August in order to get the full display up in time. Although his age has made the process a little longer each year, he says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It takes a little longer, but I’m pretty particular, and I have lot of offers to help me,” McCorkle told KXII. “But as long as I’m able to do it, I’d rather do it personally. And it gets bigger every year.”

Thousands of onlookers come to McCorkle’s home each year to see his collections of decorations that cover both the inside and outside of his home.

“I’ve been doing this for so long that I really enjoy it,” McCorkle said. “And it thrills me when people come. Some people say ‘you’re crazy.’ Well, I may be but I still enjoy it and as long as I enjoy it it’s going to be that way.”

Every year, McCorkle invites complete strangers into his home to enjoy his hard work and to share some conversation. Even though each year’s display causes his electric bill to rise by 500 dollars, he says that the smiles on visitors’ faces makes it all worthwhile.

“Well like I say just to make somebody happy and to enjoy it,” McCorkle says. “That’s my number one goal, just for people to enjoy it.”

Source: Wide Open Country/Lorie Liebig




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