Donald Trumps Hair

This is a song written and performed by our friend Casey Jones! It’s a hoot, just like Donald Trumps hair!  Steve

Greenville, South Carolina (CNN)It’s not every day you get to meet a presidential candidate, let alone get invited up on stage to touch their hair.

So when Mary Margaret Bannister attended Thursday’s Upstate Chamber Presidential Series with her husband here to hear what Trump had to say, she never imagined she would be onstage in front of 1,400 performing an impromptu inspection of the alleged Trump toupee.

“It was a very bizarre experience,” Bannister told CNN. “You know, I was just listening to the speech and then it just kind of happened. He made eye contact with me,” she said.

Trump called on Bannister randomly and swears he’s never met her before, so in theory, Bannister was an impartial toupee-tester, or follicle feeler, per se.

“I think he definitely had in mind that he wanted to tell everybody that his hair was real and needed someone to come up,” the stay-at-home mother of four and former school teacher told CNN.

Trump asks woman to touch his hair


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