Insane Video: Bald Eagle Attacks Grizzly Bear

bald eagle grizzly


Birds of prey are known to be bold when choosing a meal, but when you hear that a bald eagle attacks a grizzle bear…well, that’s just wishful thinking.

This is how you piss off a grizzly


It’s a pretty cool moment to capture on film, luckily this guy had his camera rolling, because it’s not too often a grizzly bear of that size will be the intended target of a bald eagle.

When a bald eagle attacks grizzly bear, it’s most likely going to be a cub, if at all. In this case we have to assume the bald eagle’s eyes were bigger than its stomach, because it didn’t have much luck or even come close to picking that bear up.

I do think he did a pretty good job of making the bear wonder just what the heck happened.

Source: Wide Open Spaces



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