Redneck Fishing Tournament / Bath, IL

September 5, 2015Updated Sep 7, 2015 at 11:47 AM CDTBATH, Ill. — The Redneck Fishing Tournament is not your everyday fishing experience.

“It’s just a neat, neat adventure,” said Kay Banner of Nebraska.

The goal of the tournament is simple, catch as many carp as possible in two hours, the catch; you can’t use a fishing pole.

“It’s something to see, it really is. Everybody’s in costume, it’s really a good time,” said Abby Hamm of Peoria.

Usually it would be hard to catch a fish without a fishing pole.

But when it comes to carp it’s pretty easy.

Carp feel the vibrations from the boats engine which causes them to leap out of the water, so people can just catch them with a net.

“You know we were just wanting to be spectators but you sure catch plenty of them just watching,” said Justin Roberts of Mapleton.

The thousands of carp that are caught over the weekend are ground up and used as fertilizer.

But that’s not the only benefit; the tournament also brings some much needed business to an otherwise quiet village.

“It brings people in. They’re using the restaurants, the gas stations, the hotels. It’s helped boost the economy in this whole area which is very bad economy now days,” said Betty DeFord, the creator of the Redneck Fishing Tournament.

All of the money raised during the event will be used to help homeless veterans in central Illinois.


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