Redneck Vocabulary Words

If you have ever wondered what the redneck dialect is, you are in luck. The redneck dialect is quite different then how you would normally hear people talking in a café. It is quite the cultural experience, to say the least.

Redneck Vocabulary Words

Here are some of the more familiar redneck vocabulary words. You will notice that they are used in a sentence to better convey the dialect of the redneck culture.

  • Far: If he don’t turn that stove down, them chickens will catch far.
  • Bard: Cousin Jesse bard money from me and I ain’t seent him since.
  • Ranch: Go in the back of my truck and get that ranch!
  • Munts: It’s been four munts since I heard from my brother.
  • All: I’m gonna need me a all change on that truck.
  • Ahz: I can’t see nuthin’ out these ahz.
  • Bawl: You gotta bawl that water fo’ you put in the egg.
  • Own: Turn them lights own.
  • Nekkid: There he was nekkid as a jaybird.
  • Hep: “HEP! There’s a far!”
  • Shevuhlay: I got me a new shevuhlay pickup!
  • Tar: He got him a flat tar!
  • Uhmurkin: We’s uhmurkin, born and raised in the United States of Uhmurka!
  • Spearmint: Billy Ray doin’ some type of spearmint in school.
  • Clinics: You got any clinics so I could wipe my nose?
  • Co-Cola: Yall want some co-cola? It’s nice and cold.
  • Bar Code: Dems fightin’ rules at the bar.
  • Bare: Gimme a bare – Michelob!
  • Barium: Jimmy- they just barium at the cemetery.
  • Bleeve: Does you bleeve in ghosts?
  • Did: You got that fox Jim he did, not movin’ at all.
  • Fat: If’n y’all don’t stop fat’n I’m comin’ down there.
  • Gubmint: Casey dun got a gubmint job.

If you are not a redneck but have tried your best to adapt to the redneck vocabulary, there is no doubt that you may have had a tough time adjusting to the lingo. It can be an easy transition (if you are open minded) or a tough challenge if you are unfamiliar with the redneck culture and aesthetics.  Nonetheless, it can prove to be an exciting and fun chance to experience a completely different culture nestled right in the heart of America.

Here are a few more redneck vocabulary words for you to learn and enjoy. Just keep in mind that these words are used every day by many people in America. Not to mention that these words are considered normal by quite a few people.

  • Farn: I ain’t unnerstand nuthin’ he sed…must be some farn talk.
  • Hale: What da hale is goin’ on here?
  • Hot: Heidi she got a broken hot.
  • Kumpny: We gots kumpny coming over tonight.
  • Likker: He drank mo’ likker than I does.
  • Phraisin: It’s phraisin in here!
  • Rats: They was fat’n for they rats in the Civil war.
  • Tarred: I bin workin’ all day. I sure am tarred.
  • Thank: I thank I wanna ice cold bare.
  • Seed: I ain’t never seed this before.
  • Zat: Zat yo’ car?

As you can see there seems to be a redneck word for just about anything. And if you are not a redneck, you will only understand the words after you read through them several times. For more information on redneck culture and dialects check out Jeff Foxworthy’s books online.


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