This Kid Can’t Believe He Got His Very Own Steak Sauce for Christmas

Screengrab via YouTube

For this little boy, one of the most special gifts he received this holiday is one thing that most of us probably take for granted.

In the clip above, you’ll see this adorable youngster as he happily rips open his Christmas gifts. After he contains his excitement over his brand new toothbrush, he unwraps what seems to be his favorite gift of all. No, it isn’t a Star Wars figurine or a hoverboard. This little guy can’t contain his excitement over his brand new bottle of A1 steak sauce.

“I’m not gonna share this,” the boy says to his mother in a very serious tone. “It’s very special for me.”

Although many might scratch their head at this kid’s love of A1 steak sauce, I completely support his devotion to this delicious condiment. Plus, it’s not often that you see a little kid as appreciative of everything he is given these days. Hats off to you, little one, and may all of your holidays be filled with joy and an endless supply of steak sauce.




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