Timbaland Confirms Justin Timberlake is Working on a Country Album

Justin Timberlake is recording a country album in Nashville, according to a new interview with rapper and record producer Timbaland.

In an interview with TMZ, Timberlake’s longtime collaborator revealed that the two had been planning to work together on a country project for years. “We always wanted to do country music,” Timbaland explains. “I’ve already got a little spot in Nashville.”

When pressed to answer the question on everyone’s mind – if they were indeed recording a country album together – Timbaland confirmed our suspicions with a sly smile. “You know, now that you put it out there… why not?”

Rumors of Timberlake’s eventual transition into country have been spreading over the past few years as he’s dropped hints about wanting to explore his roots with his next project. After Timberlake chose to release his track “Drink You Away” following his memorable duet with Chris Stapleton at this year’s CMA Awards, it seemed like he was taking the first big step into trying out country music.

In a year when many pop and rock stars have tried and failed to jump into the genre (I’m looking at you, Steven Tyler), Timberlake seems like a true breath of fresh air. With colleagues as talented as Timbaland and Stapleton seemingly ready and willing to contribute, this new project will likely be one of the most anticipated releases in all genres of music.

Source: Wide Open Country


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